Safety and Insurance

At PenguinsUp, nothing is more important than safety. As parents, we would never allow our own children in equipment that isn’t safe and your children deserve the same. Rest assured that our equipment is inspected and cleaned according to our own high standards, before and after each rental.

Please keep the following safety rules

Bounce House SAFETY RULES:

  • – No sharp objects, food, shoes, animals or canned string (such as Sillystring).
  • – We highly recommend that eyeglasses be removed if possible so that they are not broken.
  • – A responsible adult (21yrs or older) must be present at all times when children are in the unit.
  • – No flipping, climbing the netting, jumping or pulling on the support pieces.
  • – Do not allow children to climb on the edge of the jumper slide
  • – Do not allow children to go behind the unit where the motor and blower tube are located.
  • – It is not allowed to move the jumper on your own to another place
  • – 4 feet of clearance from the sides of each unit from any objects in ALL directions is required.
  • – We will not inflate under trees or low lying power lines.



Most likely, you will never have to deal with this situation as it is very rare. But just in case it does happen, we’d like you to know a few facts:

  • Do NOT panic, the kids will be 100% safe as there is zero chance of suffocation.
  • The kids may view this calamity as “fun”, so it will be up to the adults to safely evacuate the unit.
  • Keep in mind that there is usually only one entrance/exit at the front. Once the kids are safely evacuated, check the cords to be sure they’re plugged in, and try resetting the circuit breaker. Be sure the air tube is securely and snuggly attached to the blower nozzle. If it is not, do NOT attempt to fix it yourself. Immediately call the rental company for instructions and ask a technician to contact you.
  • You have 2 blowers, 2nd is spare one. Don’t turn on both blowers together. Use 2nd one only if 1st one stop working for any reason


We have a $1,000,000.00 general liability insurance policy. We provide a copy of the insurance upon request.