Red Riding Hood

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One Character Host / 1 Hour Program

Our charming Red Riding Hood is an adorable character to have help celebrate a birthday.
She is sweet, silly and energetic. She wears the classic red pinafore and cape. This is a great theme for both genders as it brings costume possibilities for both boys and girls. They may want to come as the Woodchopper, The Big Bad Wolf, The Grandmother or Little Red Riding Hood herself.

Fine entertainment provided during the party will depend on the age of the children, the time allotted, the number of children and special requests from the host or on the occasion of the birth of the child. Please book online or send us an email request to reserve the character of the party for your special party!When ordering online in the Additional Information section be sure to include all the details of the order (the child’s name, age, number of children attending, the event data Preferred Start Time)
We will contact you by email or by telephone within 24 hours of booking to confirm and / or coordinate all the details of the entertainment.