Blue Rain 36”/100psc Surprise-Balloon

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Want to make a Bright, Funny and Memorable Party for your kids. We know the  Best Way to Celebrate your Party!
A GIANT SURPRISE-BALLOON about 36’inch in diameter/100 multicolored balls (5’inch) inside. BALLOON is definitely going to be a perfect centerpiece of your party decor and the most exciting one!
And now imagine this Huge Balloon filled with lots of smaller balloons, or rose petals, confetti, small soft toys, candy or any other little favor gifts.
The Surprise-Balloon is most often hung on the ceiling or could be placed on a special stand (not included), while leaving your guests wondering throughout the whole Party.
At the right moment with the help of a special magic wand (included)  it blows up and a MAGIC RAIN of all those surprise fillers scatters over the guests, making it fun and memorable highlight of the day!
This could be used in many different ways besides birthdays. It would be great for a graduation gift, baby shower, gender reveal, anniversary gift, or anything else you can think of.
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